Overview of the project

The project will be mainly composed by three phases with distinct outcomes:

  1. The methodological development phase: This phase works towards a draft assessment methodology. With the ESG in mind, the project partners develop questions related to the quality of supra-institutional policies. From these questions, a preliminary methodology is developed for comprehensively assessing European Universities, i.e. pilot assessment framework. The Resonance Group will use stakeholder feedback to provide a critical analysis of the methodology in development. In this phase, the Peer Learning & Kick-off Event will provide the project partners with essential information on the state of the art on European Universities.
  2. The pilot procedures phase: In this phase, the pilot assessment framework will be tested in four pilot procedures, covering all European regions. In order to increase transparency and methodological consistency across all pilot procedures, experts and alliances will be invited to a training day. Milestones of this phase of the project are the site visits and completion of the assessment reports.
  3. The enhancement and valorisation phase: This phase will built on the two previous phases to come to two distinct deliverables. First, the partners will use what they have learnt about developing a QA methodology and the steps towards a final assessment framework to produce a QA Development Roadmap. Second, the test of the pilot assessment framework in the pilot procedures will lead to a proposed European Approach for QA of European Universities. The Peer Support & Feedback Event will provide the project partners and the networks involved with an opportunity to engage with the wider EHEA community and discuss the (developing) QA Development Roadmap and the piloted assessment methodology.

Throughout the whole project peer support activities are organised. These activities are not limited to a specific phase.