EUniQ pilot evaluations

The main aim of the EUniQ project is to develop and test a Framework for the Quality Assurance of European Universities. This Framework has been developed by the EUniQ project partners in consultation with European Universities. The Framework has been tested through pilot evaluations of four alliances in the second half of 2020:

Twelve independent experts supported by process coordinators from eight QA agencies have carried out the pilot evaluations.

The Resonance Group (consisting of the six ministries in the project) has analysed the proposed methodology in the following paper:

Summaries of the pilot evaluation reports have now been published:

As a consequence of the pandemic the pilot evaluations were delayed; the EUniQ project has been prolonged with 6 months and online interviews have replaced the site visits.

The EUniQ project partners are grateful for the cooperation and commitment of the four alliances, the experts and QA agencies who carried out these pilot evaluations. The outcomes of the pilots, the lessons learned and the implications for the Framework were presented at the EUniQ webinar on 9 March 2021.

EUniQ Webinar 9th March 2021

Outcomes of the EUniQ pilots and Implications for the Framework for QA of European Universities

On Tuesday 9th March 2021 EUniQ organised a webinar on the results of the EUniQ pilot evaluations as well as the implications for the Framework for QA of European Universities that was tested in the pilot evaluations. The event was especially targeted towards the representatives of quality assurance agencies, university networks, national ministries responsible for higher education and European stakeholder organisations.

The webinar was co-organised by ENQA. All presentations can be downloaded:


Overview of the main outcomes of the EUniQ pilots 

Lessons learned from the pilots

Implications for the Framework for QA of European Universities