LONGREAD > A EUniQ partnership to kickstart a European QA framework for European Universities11/06/2020

NVAO has always been an active supporter of the Bologna Process and cross-border European Higher Education, even now, or especially now, in times of an international Covid-19 crisis. The recently launched European Universities are the new stars in the European galaxy. To provide support for these alliances between higher education institutions across Europe, the partners of the EUniQ project are currently working on developing a European quality assurance framework. A logical move, though one that involves many aspects and stakeholders.

NVAO has been paving the way for a European quality assurance framework for years now and is proud to coordinate the EUniQ project on behalf of the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training. It is up to the EUniQ consortium to think ahead and provide the European Universities with the right framework to live up to their European ambitions. In this longread, we share our thoughts on EUniQ, the mission of NVAO, the challenges for the future and what we have learned from the past.

"The experiences of NVAO with the Flemish institutional reviews are an inspiring example for designing
an enhancement-focused framework based on trust in higher education institutions."


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A EUniQ partnership to kickstart a European QA framework for European Universities

June 2020
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