Recognized higher education is offered in Flanders by universities, university colleges, institutions for post-initial education, scientific research and services (Vlerick Business School, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp Management School, the two recognized faculties of Protestant Theology and the registered institutions (eg Europe College, Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics, University of Kent).

Only at these institutions student can follow graduate, bachelor, master and doctoral programmes that lead to recognised degrees. 

Only graduate, bachelor's, master's programs that have been review or accredited by NVAO can issue official (“recognised”) degrees.

evaluation of degrees

NVAO is not involved in the recognition and evaluation of Dutch, Flemish, and international degrees. More information on the relevant organisations is provided below.


The Higher Education Register lists all the recognised bachelor’s, master’s, and graduaat programmes in Flanders. The Register has been developed in concert with NVAO. 

complaints regarding higher education

Students who have a complaint regarding their institution or programme have several options for communicating such a complaint.