The NVAO team consists of motivated employees with a passion for higher education. Together they ensure that the quality of higher education in the Netherlands and Flanders is guaranteed. The bureau consists of three departments and is led by a Management Team. Meet our employees.


Wouter Duyck

Vice Chair, Flanders

Arnold Jonk

Chair, The Netherlands

Floris Lammens

Secretary of the Board

Carine Steverlynck

board member, Flanders

Department of Flanders

Axel Aerden

Managing Director

Ils Aerts

Policy Advisor

Lien Beyls

Policy Advisor

Veerle Conings

Policy Advisor

Sigrid Depoorter

Policy Advisor

Lina Fernandes

Policy Support

Mark Frederiks

Policy Advisor & Coordinator Internationalisation

Monique Knoester

Policy Support

Sandra Louwersheimer

Policy Support

Veerle Martens

Policy Advisor

Yorben Overdulve

Policy Support

Dagmar Provijn

Policy Advisor

Genoveva Ravijts

Policy Advisor

Mike Slangen

Policy Advisor - Communication Manager Flanders

Bert Van Poeck

Policy Advisor