Discipline-specific learning outcomes

The discipline-specific learning outcomes in Flanders describe the educational qualification and thus substantiate a collective set of competences which all students throughout Flanders are expected to acquire within a particular programme. In a structural consultation process, discipline-specific learning outcomes are set down collectively by the institutions providing a particular (new or reformed) educational qualification.

NVAO validates the discipline-specific learning outcomes for the master’s, bachelor’s, and graduaat programmes (HBO5) in Flanders once such programmes have been endorsed by the Flemish Council of Universities and University Colleges (VLUHR – for bachelor’s and master’s programmes) or by the Council of Flemish University Colleges (VLHORA – for graduaat programmes). This extends to both new programmes applying for initial accreditation and the updating of existing discipline-specific learning outcomes. 

The discipline-specific learning outcomes are ranked at the appropriate level in the Flemish qualifications structure and published in the qualifications data bank of the Agency for Higher Education, Adult Education, Qualifications and Study Grants (AHOVOKS).  

Applications for validation of discipline-specific learning outcomes

Applications for validation of a discipline-specific learning outcome must be submitted via our email address. An application must comprise, as a minimum: 

  • an application letter / email;
  • an endorsement / validation of discipline-specific learning outcomes form;
  • a report from an assessment group / teaching group.