European projects & networks

In which international networks of quality assurance agencies is NVAO involved?

European Networks

NVAO is included in the European register of quality assurance organisations (EQAR). 

We are also a member of the European network of quality assurance organisations (ENQA) and of the network of European accreditation organizations (ECA).

We participate in working groups relevant to NVAO in these European networks.

NVAO is also a member of the worldwide network of quality assurance organisations INQAAHE.

EUROPEAN projects


The Flemish Community successfully applied for EU funding of the project “Developing a European Approach for Comprehensive QA of (European) University Networks” (EUniQ). The EUniQ project is coordinated by NVAO on behalf of the Flemish Community. The project consortium comprises eight quality assurance (QA) agencies, six ministries and the European stakeholders organisations EUA, ESU and ENQA.


The main aim of the DEQAR project is the development of a database that will enhance access to reports and decisions on higher education institutions/programmes externally reviewed against the ESG, by an EQAR-registered agency. NVAO is one of the main partners in this project.