European projects & networks

In which international networks of quality assurance agencies is NVAO involved?


NVAO is listed on the European register of quality assurance agencies EQAR. 

We also participate in the European network of quality assurance agencies ENQA and in the network of European accreditation organisations ECA. NVAO sits on the board of ENQA and holds the secretariat for ECA. Each of these networks comprise working groups focusing on topics such as joint programmes, CeQuInt, e-learning, communication, and innovation in quality assurance, in which NVAO staff are participating. 

NVAO is also a member of the worldwide network of quality assurance agencies INQAAHE. 


The Flanders Division of NVAO is currently participating in the DEQAR project, which is aimed at setting up a European database of quality assurance decisions. Some other projects, such as EUROMA and ECA projects coordinated by NVAO have already been completed.