Privacy & Disclaimer

NVAO sets great store by your privacy. Although most of the information on this website can be accessed without the need for submitting personal data, there is a possibility that users will be asked for personal information. All the information on how we deal with personal data is contained in our privacy statement.


With this website, NVAO intends to inform you. The information has been compiled with the utmost care. Nonetheless, the possibility exists that the information is incomplete and/or inaccurate. For this reason, the data provided on the website does not entitle users to invoke any rights.


The privacy of contacts and relations is very important to NVAO, and consequently we set great store by the correct processing and use of personal data. We would like to inform you about how we collect and process your data, and about the options you have for managing and checking your own data. 

Do you have any questions regarding our privacy statement? Please do not hesitate to contact us

What are personal data?

By “personal data” we mean data that pertains to an identifiable individual and that is provided by you yourself (for example, by filling out a contact form or by submitting an application dossier).

The main principles

Within the context of our accreditation and/or operational processes we may ask you to provide personal data. This data is used to enable us to carry out our duties. The data is stored at NVAO’s own secure servers or those of a provider working for us. We will not combine this data with any other personal data in our possession.

In order to expand our communication with you regarding developments involving quality assurance within higher education or to forward our newsletters, press releases, and invitations, from now on we will need your permission to process your name, email address, organisation, and position. We will store this data in a secure digital system. We will only use such data for the purposes for which it has been provided.


The General Data Protection Regulation sets out several rights for individuals to properly manage and check their own data. NVAO respects the rights of those concerned, the most important of which, to us, are:

  • You are entitled to view and correct your data;
  • You are entitled to delete your data;
  • You are entitled to resist (part of) the processing of your data.