External complaints - The Netherlands

It is possible that you are not satisfied with the working methods of the NVAO or one of its employees (including persons working under the responsibility of the NVAO, such as panel members). Everyone has the right to file a complaint.

Some examples for which you can submit a complaint:

  • We do not agree with the behavior of an NVAO employee;
  • We do not agree with the process explained to us;
  • NVAO has not passed on our accreditation to DUO.

If your complaint concerns conduct by NVAO staff members (including committee members) during Flemish assessment procedures, the following procedure applies:

Before you submit a complaint, we advise you to contact the staff member concerned or the NVAO's Complaints Officer. We may still be able to solve your problem without this resulting in an official complaint, or mediation may be possible. 

 A complaint must be received by NVAO within one year of the event. 

Who can submit a complaint?

Everyone has the right to submit a complaint. You can submit a complaint yourself, but you can also choose to have someone submit a complaint on your behalf. This does not require authorisation. The complaint must be about the conduct of a person who works for and/or is responsible to the NVAO.

How to submit?

1. Digital submission via the website

For this purpose, you must use the External Complaint form. After completing and signing it, you can submit it digitally via the button below.

2. Email / Letter

In order for a written complaint to be considered, it must at least state: 

  • the name and (email) address (of the institution and of the contact person);
  • the date of filing and the date of the act against which the complaint is directed;
  • a description of the conduct against which the complaint is directed;
  • Signing is mandatory.

If you use the complaint form and send it digitally, your complaint will be dealt with the fastest. 

Email complaint officer: klacht@nvao.net

Postal address:

Parkstraat 83 
2514 JG Den Haag 

Postbus 85498
2508 CD Den Haag

3. Verbal or by telephone

If you want to submit a complaint, please do so by form. If you are not sure whether you want to submit a complaint, please contact the NVAO and ask for the Complaints Officer. This person will then call you back to discuss the possibilities.

Telephone number: +31 (0)70 312 23 00

NVAO will handle your complaint with the utmost care and will check whether it falls under the External Complaints Procedure.

How is your complaint handled?

Written complaint (complaint form website, email, letter) 

  • The delivery of your written complaint will be confirmed by e-mail within 10 working days;
  • If you cannot be reached by phone for additional information, you will receive an e-mail from the complaint handler or committee asking you to contact them by phone;
  • The complaint handler or committee will inform you of the process as formulated in the External Complaints Procedure;
  • A copy of your written complaint is shared with the person against whom your complaint is directed;
  • Your written complaint will be dealt within 6 weeks. If necessary, the complaint handler or the complaint committee will extend the handling period by 4 weeks. You will receive timely notice of this;
  • Are you not satisfied with the way NVAO has handled your complaint? In that case, you can ask the National Ombudsman to investigate your complaint.
Verbal or by telephone

  • The handling of a verbal or telephone complaint is not subject to any rules other than those laid down by law;
  • A verbal or telephonic complaint is in principle completed within 10 working days. If you are not satisfied, you can still submit a written complaint;
  • Are you not satisfied with the way NVAO has handled your complaint? In that case, you can ask the National Ombudsman to investigate your complaint.

Not sure where to go with your problem?

You can also contact the Complaints Officer at any time with your question, who will guide you to the correct procedure.