Arnold Jonk appointed as new chair of NVAO11/07/2022

The Committee of Ministers has appointed Dr Arnold Jonk as chair of the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) on the recommendation of Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf of Education, Culture and Science. He replaces Sander van den Eijnden, who will retire as chair on 1 November 2022. This will make Arnold Jonk the only member of the Executive Board nominated by the Netherlands. He will start his term on 1 October. One month later, he will take over the chairmanship.

Arnold Jonk has been a director in Amsterdam primary education at 'Samen tussen Amstel en IJ' (STAIJ) since 2018. Here he leads schools and staff. Before becoming director at STAIJ, Jonk worked at the Inspectorate of Education and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Here he held the positions of Chief Inspector Primary Education and Expertise Centres and Director Knowledge respectively.

Sander van den Eijnden, chairman of the Executive Board, is pleased with the appointment of Arnold Jonk: "Arnold has gained a lot of experience as a board member within the Amsterdam education system in recent years. With him, we think we have an excellent chairman. His experience with the Inspectorate of Education and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is also very useful. The arrival of Arnold contributes to the administrative stability for the coming years."


The arrival of Arnold Jonk as chair of the accreditation organisation from The Hague also means that Sander van den Eijnden will be stepping down at the end of October. 

Luut Kroes, director of the Netherlands: "In the short period of time that he has been president of NVAO, Sander has taken a number of important decisions that have contributed to restoring peace in the organisation. Wouter Duyck, vice-chairman: "Thanks to him, the cooperation with Flanders has received a new impulse."

(Image: PO-Raad)