Additional positions held by Board Members

With a view to the public nature of our organisation, the stipulations of our administrative regulations, and the statutory provisions, we keep a list of any additional positions held by the Board Members. This register is available for public perusal at the NVAO office.

dr. Arnold Jonk - Chair, The Netherlands

  • Supervisory Board - De Schoolschrijver Foundation

prof. dr. Wouter Duyck - Vice Chair, Flanders 

  • Member 'Commissie Beter Onderwijs' (Flemish Government) 
  • Founder/manager Research & Practice CommV

dr. Carine Steverlynck - Flanders

  • Chair of the Board - Trust centres for Child Abuse West Flanders 
  • Board member - Flemish Expertise Centre for Child Abuse 
  • Member of the General Assembly - Verwondering (VZW) 
  • Board member - Institute Sint-Maria in Antwerp 
  • Board member - Sint Luca Antwerp